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第五部分分析Michael Jackson的婚姻情况。作者对这部分的分析极其细致,内容显得非常冗长,是几个部分中篇幅最多的一部,完整看完需要耐心,当然,我认为为之付出这份耐心是值得的。有人解盘习惯列出判断原因,有人习惯直接论述结果,有分析依据的文章篇幅会多些,好处就是可读性更强。


< Michael Jackson Marriage Delineation >

This is a complex and interesting sort of delineation, having a number of steps. I’ll make comments about technique as I go along to give you the general gist.

The main thing in these considerations is how the marriage functions and contributes to flourishing and objective satisfaction (and by extension, reproduction), rather than finding a soul-mate. As far back as Plato people have talked about romantic partners as soul-mates, but the key functional questions are: will he marry, how many times, is it a good match, are they sexually compatible, will his social status and functioning be more upward and beneficial?

Part of Men’s Marriage is: 12 Aqu 21

上面是对婚姻分析的序言,后面列出的Part of Men’s Marriage是婚姻点,落在水瓶座12度21分,这个指标在后面会用到。

1. 7th house/Part/Marriage Almuten/Planets

7th house delineation in marriage context
Planets in 7th: Saturn, angular, triplicity, unafflicted. Square Moon, trine Mercury, trine Venus, oppose Asc, sextile MC.

Domicile/Almuten: Jupiter. Succeedent, unafflicted, in 5th.
Exalted: none.
Triplicity: Jupiter. See above.
Triplicity: Sun. Angular and unafflicted in the 4th, aided by sextile to Jupiter.
Triplicity: Saturn. Angular and unafflicted in the 7th, aided by trine to Venus.
Term: Venus.
Decan: Moon.
(Jupiter has the most testimonies)

Saturn in the 7th and Jupiter the domicile ruler, each unafflicted and strong and each aspecting the Lord of the ASC by benefic aspects, the native does marry. But the native’s relationships will be burdened and hard work, and will be a burden on his personal happiness (Saturn oppose ASC). Look for the native’s finances and reputation to be negatively affected by his relationships (Saturn square Moon, Lord of 2nd and in 10th); there is generally a professional element to his marriages (Saturn sextile MC).

The native’s marriage is related to his Jupiterian entertainments and pursuits: generosity, travel, humanitarianism (in Libra) – so he will meet at least one wife through these or on account of these; by derived houses, he might meet her through her friends. Saturn as Lord of the 10th in the 7th, the native’s relationships come about through his professional work and through people of authority and high status (strong, moderately dignified Saturn Lord of 10th, in 7th and aspecting Moon in the 7th).



Marriage Significators and Almuten:
7th: Afflicted by conjunction to Saturn; trine Venus.
Jupiter (Lord 7th): Succeedent and unafflicted.
Saturn: Angular and unafflicted.
Moon: Angular and afflicted by square Saturn.
Venus: Angular and afflicted by square Mars.
Part MM: Cadent (afflicted).

Jupiter is the almuten of these (= Marriage Almuten)

The majority are afflicted, and Saturn is malefic (albeit helped by the trine to Venus).
The Lord of the ASC is trined by the Marriage Almuten.

The native’s marital bliss will be middling, with sadness and laboriousness a feature.
But note the marriage almuten’s good condition: this suggests that they will be of benefit to him despite the problems.

7th house on Sagittarius, a fire sign and mutable, the native marries two women.

The Lord of the ASC is lighter than, and joined to, the almuten of the 7th: the native wants to copulate with women.

这部分是在7宫及其主宰星的基础上,纳入了其它分析元素,通过综合各个元素的优劣得出婚姻的综合结果,这种形式也有点量化评价的感觉。Part MM指的是前面提到过的Part of Men’s Marriage,因为落在9宫水瓶而被认失势。作者指出Jackson因为7宫起点落在射手(火相、变动型星座)而会有二次婚姻,这个依据如果不结合其它因素一同说明,会显得结论过于武断。

Part of Marriage:
The Part is cadent, but in the 9th and otherwise unafflicted. Its Lord is Saturn, angular and unafflicted. Venus aspects both, though she is afflicted.
The quality of the wife is middling – i.e., a somewhat suitable match for the native.

Planet signifying wife (Moon):
Moon afflicted and in triplicity. The wife’s social class is middling. Note that the natal figure shows the native will be wealthy and prominent, so she is probably below him in status.

Extra technique: Lords of the 7th, Part of Marriage, Moon, and Venus not aspecting [i.e., receiving] them – the native will not marry or won’t like women.


2. Moon: Luminary signifying opposite sex (in male nativities)

This consideration uates the appropriateness the wife and the joy of the marriage. What I find interesting about this part is that if more than one wife is indicated, the number of planets aspecting the Moon indicates the number and nature of the wives. Here I exclude the Sun since I want to treat him in terms of his general role in showing the stability of the marriages (see below).

She is angular, but afflicted by Saturn, in her 3rd quarter. Her triplicity rulers are: Mars (very afflicted), Venus (angular, afflicted), and herself (angular, afflicted).

The Moon and Venus are each strong in quantity but all afflicted. So this is more testimony for a middling marriage of average happiness, with affliction.

Moon’s aspects:
Opposing Sun: (this is a sign of divorce and strife)
Sextile Mars: the wife is headstrong; arguing, unstable.
Square Saturn: the wife is baseborn and unwholesome. (Ptolemy: stern and hardworking)

So the native has two wives (excluding the Sun): a Martial wife who argues, and a Saturnian wife who is difficult and inflexible. The opposition to the Sun says he divorces at least one.

[Note: He married Lisa Marie Presley during the profection of his 10th to itself – and its ruler is Saturn in the 7th, who also is the one afflicting his Moon (the Moon-Sun signifies divorce). His second wife Debbie Rowe used to work for him as a nurse, and is very much out of the public eye – Mars is the ruler of the 6th – servants. So I’m going to treat Presley as the Saturnian wife, and Rowe as the Martial wife.]


3. Venus: General Love Significator

Again, whether the marriages bring more harm or good, and how appropriate the wife is.

Venus is angular and afflicted by Mars. Her triplicity rulers are: Jupiter (strong, unafflicted), Sun (strong, unafflicted), Saturn (strong, unafflicted).

Venus rather afflicted but her triplicity rulers strong: the native will marry an inappropriate and disagreeable woman, but he will be fortunate and will find utility from it.

Ptolemy says: Venus with Saturn, the wife will bequeath him enough of the goods of life, and she will love him and the children a lot.

Venus is peregrine. But Jupiter is in one of her signs (Libra): the native’s marriage has more good than bad, and will be praised by others.

Venus is squared by Saturn and Jupiter aspects neither: the native will not delight much with women, and if he marries, he won’t enjoy sex much.

These testimonies say the native’s marriage (or one of them) won’t be a very good match so far as personalities and having sex goes, but it will be praised by others and generally provide more good than bad.


4. Mars: Significator of Male Sexuality

This overlaps with section 6 below. Mars shows how hot to trot the native is for sex – generally, the more dignified and strong, the more appropriately lusty he is.

Mars in detriment: the native cultivates sex excessively and causes impediments and business problems [because of it].

(Defer everything else to the section on Venus-Mars-Saturn)


5. Lastingness of the Marriage

Here we look at the luminaries: good aspects and no afflictions tends to show the marriage lasts; if the opposite, the opposite.

Luminaries in opposition, Saturn afflicting one (Moon): there will be a legal contest or separation (could be the Saturnian wife) and they are not reunited (no benefics aspecting Moon).

Both malefics aspect the Moon; he will be the dissenter.

[An adaptation of a technique mentioned specifically for women:] Mercury aspecting the malefic that afflicts the Moon, the divorce is much gossiped about; Venus aspecting as well, the divorce happens by suspicion or adultery.

So the divorce probably concerns the Saturnian wife: they are divorced but are not reunited, he initiates the divorce, it concerns suspicions or adultery (or similar things), and it is all much gossiped about.


6. Mars-Venus-Saturn: Misc Sexuality and Emotion Considerations

Here, Mars, Venus and Saturn are treated as general significators. There is a lot of stuff in here about incest and disapproved sex interests. Generally, Mars means lust, Venus means sexuality in general, and Saturn adds conservatism and propriety (but afflicting and in a bad condition, things get sexually dysfunctional and strange).

Mars square Venus, with Mercury also involved. Mars is in detriment, afflicting her from the 12th. So the native’s sex drive is unusual or wild.

Venus trine Saturn, with Mercury involved. The wife is older, and there is a public dimension to the marriage.

All three planets together, the marriage is not durable or useful.

Overall, the sexuality situation is unstable – propriety mixed with an unusual or wild sex drive. Mars cadent and in detriment, this could be sexual dysfunction or strange sex interests. Note: If Saturn had squared Venus, I would have said the sexuality issued tended toward the really unusual, criminal, disgusting.

Since Mars and Saturn each indicate a wife, and since they each play different roles in this section, I’m tempted to separate them somewhat: although they all characterize MJ’s sexuality, the Saturnian wife is older, it is a publicized marriage, it is less sexual and more gloomy; the Martial marriage is the one that is the more unusual, with sexual irregularities. Mars in the 12th, the wife is kept more hidden [which is true]?



6. Predicting the Marriages

Profection of the ASC:
To the 7th: ages 18, 30, 42, 54.
To the house where the domicile ruler of the 7th is: 28, 40, 52
To another sign ruled by the domicile ruler of the 7th (i.e., Pisces): 34, 46, 58

Profection of the 7th:
To the house containing its domicile ruler: 34, 46, 58
To another sign ruled by its domicile ruler (i.e., Pisces): 28, 40, 52

(Omitting solar returns due to lack of information; but the degree of the natal 7th in the ASC of a solar return is an argument for marriage that year.)

Primary direction of the Moon to the Marriage Almuten (Jupiter): Oct 1999.

Period of the Lords of the 1st and 7th (Mercury-Jupiter): Jul 85 – Mar 87

None of these dates/ages match. But in my (limited) experience, the profections will often show the age at which the future spouses met or became seriously involved, as opposed to the actual ceremony. I would be grateful if anyone knew when he actually met/got involved with each of his wives. Plus, since the firdaria period (ages 27-28) overlaps with some of the profection dates, perhaps his 1988 autobiography might talk about a romance taking place at that time?

对Jackson的婚运推导还是使用Profection、Primary direction、Firdaria三种方法,有兴趣的可以结合Jackson的历史事件看看。

7. Summary:

The native does marry. He marries at least twice, though not necessarily in this order:

1. A Saturnian wife who is difficult, hardworking and inflexible. [I believe this is Presley]
2. A Martial wife who is argumentative and difficult [I believe this is Rowe]

The divorce of the first wife is at his initiative, on account of suspicions or adultery. It is much gossiped about.

He should expect to find his wives from the following areas: professional activity, perhaps with or through someone of authority and status; and on account of his entertainments and pleasures (i.e., his philanthropy, travel, etc.). He might meet one wife through her own friends.

[Note: He married Presley first, during a profection of the 10th to itself, the Lord of the 10th being Saturn. So the theme for that year was a professional partnership. He later divorced her. His second wife, Rowe, used to be his nurse, and is secluded: Mars is the Lord of the 6th and in the 12th.]

The native will have only middling marital bliss, his marriages being characterized by burdens and difficulties (including being a burden on his personal happiness), even though they will be of benefit to him. At least one of the wives is a disagreeable and inappropriate woman. The marriages will afflict his finances and possibly his reputation and image. Still, the marriages are praised.

The wives’ social status and suitability is middling; since the native has indications of fame and wealth, they are likely to be of lower status.

Sexual indications are mixed, with signs both of disinclination to sex and an unusual (perhaps unusually active) libido. I’m inclined towards the “inactive” libido, since while Mars is in detriment he is also cadent and so very weak. So the native’s sex life with the wives has some sort of dysfunction and irregularity – it is not consistent or highly pleasant.

Prediction is difficult, since I lack important information about when he met or got seriously involved with his future wives (which in my experience is often shown by profection instead of the actual date of the marriage). If Presley was just a business arrangement, then there is another wife out there, the relationship perhaps taking place during the firdar period of Jul 1985 – Mar 1987 (Ages 27-28), which is also supported by profections? His 1988 biography might say something about that.

Note: with the current scandal, there might be interest in knowing about any sex with boys. The ancient/medi authors did give rules for this, but some are unclear and in any event none of them apply to this nativity. (The main concern for them seemed to be whether the husband would shirk his marital and reproductive duties in favor of fun with young men – I’m not sure how that would apply today. An interesting book on this topic in Renaissance Florence is by Michael Rocke). So, that seems to be an open question as far as I can tell.

最后是对Michael Jackson婚姻分析的小结,是基于前面几个小节分析后的综合论述。之后第六部分是对Michael Jackson的子女分析。



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